Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
On the catwalks that mean the world, our teams clean with great effort and heart, more than 7000m2 at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in the Kraftwerk Berlin and the Camel Active 2020.
Female Future Force Day at the Tempelhof airport
Kiwi presents itself again with a sparkling Permanent Service in Berlin. The KIWI team continuously cleans the 5000m2 and 500 visitors, floors and bathrooms and puts our Helping Hands character to the test.
We are an experienced service provider, which guarantees efficient, transparent and environmentally friendly work. We support your event with all of our ideas, power and our know-how.

Cleaning service

All building such as offices, convention halls, pavilions or public buildings, where employees, customers and guest go in and out regularly, require a thorough cleaning. This is not only necessary to offer customers an appealing ambience. We take care of the interior cleaning of offices and lounges.

Event Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Foyer Cleaning

Event Service

Trade fairs and events are an important part of a company’s marketing strategy, where you have the opportunity to present your products in an appealing setting as you are winning new customers. The organization of a trade fair or a larger event involves a lot of planning, which is not easy to do. These are some of the services we offer: car preparation, car handling, hostesses, drivers and the cleaning of the event rooms.

Car Detailing

Car Handling


Trade Fair Cleaning


KIWI-Events- & Cleaning Services in Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Cologne & Munich

Our company offers various services related to building services and event services. You can trust our comprehensive experience and know-how, with which we complete all jobs, so our customers are satisfied. We carry out services that have to be done on a regular basis, such as daily or weekly cleaning of the interior of buildings. Additionally, we handle the cleaning of facades, windows, foyers, lounges and any additional areas which are part of the business.

Our professional team at KIWI will also handle your job if you require it to be done on short notice. In addition to the services that we offer as part of our cleaning services, we support you in all tasks related to promotions and event services. We only provide you with personnel who are very well trained and who have the necessary level of experience in completing your job.

Positive references form well-known businesses

We have received many positive reviews from well-known companies that spur us on in our work.

Here a few of our latest client: About You, Swphore, Katholisches Bildungswerk, Nowadays GmbH, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Imagination, METRO, Milla&Partner, tba., Diageo World Classic, Nespresso Roadshow, Camel Active und BBDO live and the Immobilienmeile.

Additionally to cleaning high end 4 and 5 star hotels, we can also name car dealerships such Volkswagen, Hyundai, Ford and Kia who have trusted us with their business.

Call us if you are looking for a competent and trustworthy service provider.



Unsere KIWI Mitarbeiter reinigen und desinfizieren derzeit mit Hochdruck und der nötigen Leidenschaft in Bürogebäuden gegen die Möglichkeit der Verbreitung von Covid 19. Wir sind bis zum Äußersten gewillt, Tag und Nacht gegen das Virus mit unseren Reinigern vorzugehen.